Karen’s Crash Course in Kids Part 5 – Cooperate

This solution is to Cooperate.

If we always have all the answers, our children don’t get the chance to try to express themselves or solve problems. Even though it’s much easier and far more efficient to do everything ourselves, like the cooking, it can be far better to Cooperate, and let our children have a go. That way, they learn how to do thing and they gain the confidence that comes with competence.

We don’t have to be anything-goes Boho parents. But if we stay open-minded and respect everyone’s views, our children get the chance to learn wonderful life skills.

Like when they spring it on us at bedtime that they need a costume – tomorrow. We’d be well within our rights to go nuclear. But it doesn’t find the costume or help them learn anything.

However if we explain that we’d like to help but we’re tired and we still have a lot of things to do, opportunities open up. Our children get the chance to explain, apologise, offer to help us in return, or even to admit they could bring the costume in the following day.

Cooperating with our children lets them have a go at practising the skills that we really want them to have, and that make family life easier. So in the end, Cooperating benefits everybody.

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