What to Feed Your Children

What to feed your children

The Food Doctor
By Gemma Landau BSc (Hons) NT MBANT: Nutrition

Qualified Nutritional Therapist, The Food Doctor Clinic, Harley Street

It’s hard to sift through the confusing, ever-changing, conflicting information about what we’re meant to feed our children, let alone decipher what most of it means. Help is at a hand from an expert – Gemma Landau. Gemma has created this fantastic factsheet that clearly lists the good foods we should include and the bad foods to avoid in our weekly shop. Problem solved.

Click here to download Gemma’s factsheet

Gemma sees clients at The Food Doctor Clinic, 13 Harley Street, London W1G 9QG
(020) 7792 6720

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  1. Thanks for the PDF – I’ve printed it out and will keep it handy! Like you say, ideas on what’s good and bad for our children to eat seem to be changing daily – it’s a food minefield out there!

    I’m an English expat living in Holland, and I’ve found attitudes in food vary between the two cultures. Loads and loads of dairy products are consumed in Holland, I think a lot more than in the UK. No idea on whether these kinds of changes are cultural or for health reasons. More complications!

    • Hi Paul,
      It is tricky to know what we’re meant to be aiming for when we feed our children. That’s why I like Gemma’s fact sheet: short, sweet, and to the point. I’m glad you’re finding it helpful.
      Kids drink gallons of milk in the US, much more than here in the UK. I’d always put it down to the dairy lobby. But that doesn’t explain it in Holland.
      Best wishes,

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