Karen’s Crash Course in Kids Part 1 – Stop and Think

My first solution is to Stop and Think.

We all know what it’s like when our child is being a nightmare. Those times when we wonder why we didn’t just get a dog. What with the whinging, the arguing and the noise – it’s impossible to think straight! And that’s the point.

When our children make us feel like we’re ready to combust, we don’t need to react straight away and detonate the situation. We can Stop and give ourselves time to Think, and carry out a controlled explosion instead.

Whether they’re being rude, refusing to help out or tormenting their siblings, if we don’t know how to handle it or can’t trust ourselves not to throw a massive wobbly, it’s absolutely fine to stay quiet and say nothing at all or to simply walk away.

It’s also much better for our children if we wait too, as they’re likely to be in too much of a state to think straight either. It’s so much better to discuss problems with them later, like quietly when they’re in bed at night.

However overwhelming situations may seem, we definitely have it in us to deal with them the best way possible. We aren’t against the clock, so we can take our time to Think things through. I guarantee this alone will make your family life so much easier.

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