Karen’s Crash Course in Kids Part 8 – Know Yourself

My final solution is to Know Yourself.

It’s easy to forget that we’re the other half of the parent-child relationship, and that looking after ourselves is just as important as looking after them. If we feel well, we’re better able to look after them, so they’ll feel well. Just like on an airplane when they tell us we should put on our oxygen masks before we help our children with theirs.

Some of us are most fulfilled when looking after our families. Others when we have more time to ourselves. We’re all different so there isn’t one right formula here. The key is to Know Yourself and what works for you, or you can find you’re easily distracted, annoyed, frustrated or even resentful.

With four children and trying to work I found I have to triple up to do things like getting my exercise while walking the dogs and seeing friends. I also wanted to be able to do the school runs and be there for my children in the mornings and in the afternoons. So I decided to work from home.

When we Know Ourselves and get the balance about right, everything else starts to fall into place. We’re more content and we can keep things in perspective, and appreciate and enjoy the time we get to spend doing our life’s work: raising our children.

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