Karen’s Crash Course in Kids Part 7 – Organise

This solution is to Organise.

Life is so much easier when we can find things and we plan ahead. We can get a tonne more done, and we can help our children stay on top of their responsibilities like finding their homework and getting the right kit to school on the right day. And we avoid those last minute panics that are so stressful.

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed. When my children were little I had to keep moving or my to-do list would get so out of control it would take me days to catch up. I was always in danger of forgetting to take someone somewhere, or accidentally even leaving them there.
So I put up a white board in the kitchen and created a matrix of where they were meant to be when.

Daily to-do lists and meal planning are a huge help. That way we don’t need to keep thinking through things. And factoring in time – at least a ½ hour a day to sort through piles, closets and drawers, helps keep chaos from springing up all around.

When things are in order, life is far more relaxed. All that time spent stressed out looking for stuff can be better spent with our children.
But don’t feel bad if you feel overwhelmed. Most of us do regularly!

If the basics are under control, but at that moment your house is chaos and your children are covered in paint, they’ve probably had a great time! And your priorities are in the right place.

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