Karen’s Crash Course in Kids Part 4 – Love and Look After

This solution is to Love and Look After.

Like adults, when children don’t feel Loved, they can feel lonely and insecure, and these feelings can be the root of bad behaviour.

It may be easy to be kind and hug and kiss our children – when they’re well-behaved; so much harder when they’re not. But children need to feel Loved and secure, even when they’re a pain.

Once everyone’s calm, getting right back to normal and kissing them goodnight or as they leave for school, helps children realise that we Love them regardless and that arguments aren’t catastrophic.

Does your child’s temper make a force 12 storm look like a summer breeze? It’s so easy to jump to conclusions and instantly think they’re our nemesis. But it’s surprising how often their behaviour is down to something as simple as them feeling lousy, and have nothing whatsoever to do with their temperament.

Overtired children are a nightmare! Ditto children who’ve been cooped up inside for too long or who’ve eaten too much sugar or additives.

One of my daughter’s used to have terrible meltdowns after parties at first I thought she was just really badly behaved but then I realised it was a combination of being exhausted and the junk food overload.

I know how hard to it can be to make sure our children eat properly, get enough sleep and get up off their backsides. But it’s definitely worth it.

When our children feel Loved and Looked After, they feel more secure, healthier and happier. Then they behave a whole lot better.

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