Karen’s Crash Course in Kids – Introduction

I’m Karen and my Crash Course in Kids will help you solve any parenting problem.

I’m a bestselling parenting author and I’ve given talks and appeared on TV and radio throughout the UK, helping thousands to be better parents.

I had my own four children, 3 girls and a boy, in five years. So I am no stranger to double nappy changes, multiple children wanting help with homework and all four of them needing to be at different places at the same time.

I went to parenting classes for years and read everything I could get my hands on. I found that everything we need to know is out there,
but it’s hard to find because it’s scattered all over the place. Not only in parenting, but also in the worlds of psychology, communications, social anthropology, health and nutrition. No one has the time to sift through it all!

So what I’ve done is simple. I’ve taken the nuggets – the best bits –
the things that every parent should know – and made them all easily accessible and free right here in 8 super short videos.

My aim with this series is to help you find solutions, to have a happier home and improve your relationship with your children. The more of my solutions you use, the easier and happier your family life will be.

There is no magic in what you’ll learn from my Crash Course in Kids, but I promise, it works like magic.

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