Top Tips for Travelling with a Baby

Top tips for travelling with a baby

By Siobhan Harris, Parenting and Family Expert, Boots WebMD

Boots WebMDDiana and Charles regularly took their sons on trips and excursions. It looks like Will and Kate are going to be equally hands-on and will be travelling with their new baby. Just popping to the shops with a little one can feel like a military operation. So what about taking longer trips? It can sound about as appealing and painful as dental surgery. Before you despair, there are pros to travelling when your child is an infant and many ways to make it easier. I contributed to this article by Siobhan Harris for BootsWebMD. Having made many trips with my four children when they were little, I shared some of my own tips on travelling with a baby. Take a look to ensure that you reach your holiday destination relatively relaxed this summer.

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