Stressed Out Teens

Stressed out teenager

By Siobhan Harris, Parenting and Family Expert, Boots WebMD

Boots WebMDTeenagers are under a lot more stress than we may realise. Juggling schoolwork, activities, part-time jobs and their social lives can all take its toll, as can the hormonal changes and brain re-wiring that are all part of the package called ‘growing-up’. It’s a lot to handle when you come to think about it.

So, what can we do as parents to support our teenagers and ensure that their stress levels are manageable? I was really pleased to be asked by Boots WebMD’s Siobhan Harris about how we can support our teens by being supportive and understanding. The key is (as always) to listen and make sure they feel understood. That way they will open up and tell us what is going on so we can help them through stressful times.

Click here to find out more about my chat with Siobhan and how we can help our teens to manage stress.


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