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How to Help Your Child Manage Cyberbullies – Karen Meets Noël Janis Norton

Cyberbullying can be very traumatic for children, leading to depression and worse. I met with Noël Janis Norton, author of Calmer Easier Happier Screen Time, to find out what parents can do to help … [Read More]

Feeling Emotional?

By Rebecca Ley, Features Writer, Mother & Baby

After having a baby we can find new levels of meaning to the word emotional. The flowers, a nice email, even the evening news can have you spurting more liquids than a burst water pipe as your empathy hits a new record high.

It can be overwhelming, but it is manageable, even if you did just type ‘baby pandas’ into YouTube. […]

Peace on Earth

West London MumBy Karen Doherty, Parenting and Family Expert

Christmas with the family can be heavenly and horrendous – all rolled into one big emotional roller-coaster! Excitement, expectations and sugar levels run high, making fuses run short. Similarly, the more time you spend together as a family, the more likely a meltdown becomes.

But even if your family resembles the McCallisters in Home Alone, you can have a stress-free Christmas. […]

The Parents’ University Challenge

By Karen Doherty, Parenting and Family Expert

This week I went to my first lecture in the Family Studies course at The University of London, which was a strange experience because, for starters, I was old enough to be many of the other students’ mother. As we discussed the family life cycle, I kept thinking – here you are learning about this when I’ve already lived it! […]

Trouble With Your Toddler

By Karen Doherty, Parenting and Family Expert

Do you want to say hasta la vista to toddler troubles? Whether you want to terminate tantrums or simply prevent them, Sarah Ockwell-Smith tells us how in her new book ToddlerCalm. Sarah, who offers some of the best advice I’ve seen on babies, emphasises the importance of understanding and empathising with toddlers so that they feel loved and supported. […]

Interview with Sarah Ockwell-Smith: Parenting Author, Founder & Director of BabyCalm Ltd.

By Sarah Ockwell-Smith BSc(hons), Dip Hom(ACH), HBCE

Kate & WilliamHere is the VERY BEST advice I can offer to first-time Mum Kate – and EVERY mum!

It comes from Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author of BabyCalm and founder of BabyCalm parenting classes. When I met Sarah I was immediately impressed by her approach. […]

Top Tips for Travelling with a Baby

By Siobhan Harris, Parenting and Family Expert, Boots WebMD

Kate & WilliamDiana and Charles regularly took their sons on trips and excursions. It looks like Will and Kate are going to be equally hands-on and will be travelling with their new baby. Just popping to the shops with a little one can feel like a military operation. So what about taking longer trips? […]

Paternity Leave

By Siobhan Harris, Parenting and Family Expert, Boots WebMD

Kate & WilliamPrince William is expected to take leave from his job as a Royal Air Force helicopter rescue pilot to help care for his little one. Though childcare these days is a joint job for many couples, most fathers are straight back to work after just two weeks. From then they have to balance work and fatherhood […]

What to Expect on Maternity Leave

By Siobhan Harris, Parenting and Family Expert, Boots WebMD

Kate & WilliamAs Kate is soon to find out, once you’ve had a baby life becomes a whirlwind of things to do and remember, and all on very little sleep. Becoming a parent is all-encompassing. […]

A Dad’s Role at Birth

By Siobhan Harris, Parenting and Family Expert, Boots WebMD

Kate & WilliamIs Will going to be by Kate’s side during the birth of the royal baby? These days 97% of dads in the UK are there supporting their partners and welcoming their children into the world. […]

Toxins in Pregnancy: Dos and Dont’s

By Siobhan Harris, Parenting and Family Expert, Boots WebMD

Kate & WilliamWhether your pregnancy runs smoothly or, like Kate’s, starts off pretty turbulently, it can be confusing and worrying when you’re bombarded with conflicting advice about potential dangers to your baby. Your body’s changing, you’re adjusting to the idea of becoming a parent (for the first time or again) […]