Is Your Teenager Depressed?

By Dick Moore, Teenage Mental Health First Aid Advisor

All of us find life tiresome from time to time, or feel anxious, irritable, tired, distant or sad. Adolescence is a time when our emotions are especially volatile and unpredictable, when the various challenges being faced […]

Why it’s Crucial to Empower Teens with the Skills and Confidence to Help in an Emergency

By Emma Hammett, Award Winning First Aid Trainer

When thinking about First Aid, the emphasis has historically been on training new parents and child carers, as babies and children as babies and children are accident-prone and it is vital that those caring for them […]

Stressed Out Teens

By Siobhan Harris, Parenting and Family Expert, Boots WebMD

Teenagers are under a lot more stress than we may realise. Juggling schoolwork, activities, part-time jobs and their social lives can all take its toll, as can the hormonal changes and brain re-wiring that are all part of the package called ‘growing-up’. […]

School House Magazine – Dress Your Daughter

School House Magazine
Spring / Summer 2013

Do you ever dismay at your teenage daughter’s choice of attire? From less than subtle style statements to rebellious body art, as parents we strive to help our daughters make good fashion decisions. […]

How Do I Get On Better with My Teenager?

Having a teenager is a bit like having a cheeseburger with onions – absolutely GREAT! But those pesky onions keep coming back at you. You may start to wonder if you should have had that cheeseburger in the first place – especially when you’re around other people. Parenting so far has been like boot camp, preparing us for this very moment: when problems come firing at us from all sides at rapid speed. Your child may be rude, angry, surely, sullen, lazy, unhelpful, thoughtless or untruthful – and all with attitude! My sympathy for all of you is real, but […]