Extra Sleep Makes Kids Happier

By Siobhan Harris, Parenting and Family Expert, Boots WebMD

Does your child’s behaviour belong on the movie set of The Omen?
Getting your child to sleep an extra half hour a night may be all it takes to turn them into an angel. […]

How Do I Get My Child to Sleep?

Both days and nights become a nightmare if your children won’t sleep. You know it’s bad when you feel good about dropping them at school because you’re sure they’ll be far better off in their teacher’s care than your own. How can you possibly do everything you have to do and be anything like cheerful when you’ve hardly slept in the past however many nights? Although you may try your best to be the nice kind parent who can calmly soothe their child to sleep, it’s impossible when you’re so exhausted you aren’t to be trusted. The answer is that […]