Arguments’ Effect on Your Toddler

CC licensed ( BY ND ) Flickr photo by James Jordan

By Alex Davies, Features Writer, Mother & Baby

Do arguments with your partner get so heated you feel somebody should send in the Peace Corps? Every couple disagrees sometimes, and some more than others – it’s just a part of being human. Add to it the stresses that come with having a toddler, and you can find your fuses become shorter than your child’s attention span. But letting things get heated is about as constructive as peddling backwards.

The best thing to do is Stop and Think. By giving yourself time to decide what to do, you can prevent yourself from flying off the handle. If you can master it, you’ll feel ready to tackle just about any situation. Your child will also learn from you, and who doesn’t want a child who can communicate rationally. I spoke to Alex Davies at Mother & Baby about how and why we should try to keep the peace.

Photo © James JordanCC BY-ND 2.0

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